Austin Bike Zoo giant rattlesnake

The Austin Bike Zoo was born as a collaboration of collective imagination between bike-builders, puppet-makers, and performers while fostered by the creative and supportive environment of Austin, Texas. Ringleader, Cofounder and Mechanical Engineer, Jeremy Rosen and his company create everlasting memories. His large and ever-growing menagerie of unique and hand-built creatures include the following:

• The Giant Rattlesnake (pictured above) is 80 feet in length, has 34 wheels, is articulated in 15 places and seats six people. As participants or performers pedal, the Giant Rattlesnake slithers; it looks very, very real.

• Many butterflies, the smallest of which are 10 feet tall and the largest 18 feet tall, accurately portray species such as the famous Monarch, Tiger Swallowtail, Common Blue, Albino Monarch, Buckeye Moth, Luna Moth and others. Only with The Austin Bike Zoo may you ride upon a 15 foot butterfly, fulfilling a universally held fantasy of flight.

• After your ride on one of the many butterflies, you may continue the flight upon the animated Bat or Owl bikes, both the same grand scale as the rest of Austin Bike Zoo’s work.

• Another insect and the gentleman of The Austin Bike Zoo, the Praying Mantis, can act as a stage or an activity booth, while moving about and seats many people including guests with special needs.

• A flurry of fireflies, custom built for The Austin Bike Zoo’s production Midsummer In Motion, behave just as actually fireflies do, intermittently lighting the night with their ubiquitous, bright green glow.

• The world’s only Bicycle Carousel with flying colorful horses and an optional pole dancing stage in the center. It accommodates six around its circumference and up to ten in its center. You can feel a bit of what the experience is like through our live videos.

The Austin Bike Zoo presents a magical show for people of all ages, thrill seekers, corporate clients and ready made for festivals.


Contact us at austinbikezoo@gmail.com and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!